Reducing Virtual Team Meetings

Are you and your team experiencing Zoom fatigue?

When you and your workforce are constantly on back-to-back Zoom meetings, it isn’t difficult to start feeling fatigued. Leading hybrid teams is no easy feat, and Zoom has been an incredible platform for keeping everybody in touch! That being said, it’s no true replacement for in-person meetings and it is so easy to get distracted when you’re at home.

How Can Vibrant Thinking Help to Reduce Meetings?

First of all, know that you are not alone with your struggles. Through talking to our clients at Vibrant Thinking, we recognise that Zoom has proven crucial to keeping connection between hybrid teams, but it can be detrimental to productivity. When you’re leading hybrid teams that haven’t been trained to use video platforms effectively, short discussions can take hours, and meetings can leave you with more questions than you’ve answered. We’ll help you to ensure that isn’t the case with actionable Zoom tips and advice!

We ultimately want to help you eliminate Zoom meetings, and move to a smarter, synchronous approach to meetings, avoiding burnout and increasing daily productivity. 

If tips and support to avoid Zoom fatigue and reduce your lengthy meetings sound good, book a one hour call with the team at Vibrant Thinking.  We can promise that the hour you give us will save you many more hours in return, that would have been wasted on ineffective Zoom meetings. Make sure you’re managing your hybrid teams cleverly, and invest in your workforce’s communication by getting in touch with us. 



Why Would I Need To Eliminate Zoom Fatigue?

Perhaps you’ve found yourself looking at your diary, wondering when you’ll find the time between these lengthy video calls for a coffee. Maybe you’re working early in the morning and late into the night, trying to get the tasks of the day finished. Your Zoom meetings aren’t as effective as you’d like to believe if they’re causing you more exhaustion than good. 

When you’re consistently finding it difficult to keep concentration during your video conferences, and you’re guaranteed to feel mentally drained at the end of the day, you need our help at Vibrant Thinking. Our package covering Zoom fatigue will effectively teach you how to not only reduce the length of your meetings, but reduce the frequency of your digital meeting altogether!

Note: After the payment, you will immediately be able to book a time.

What you’ll receive from our Zoom Fatigue Session:

  • Five actionable tactics in a one hour call to implement straight away.
  • A plan that will be tailored to your business and your needs.
  • Specific, step-by-step advice that leaves no room for confusion. 
  • A recorded version of your session for future reference.