Holding Effective Virtual Team Meetings

Are you and your team experiencing Zoom fatigue?

Are you and your team constantly on back to back zoom meetings?

When you look at your diary each day do you wonder when you will have time for a coffee?

And you find yourself working early in the morning or late at night just to get the day job done?

Finding it difficult to keep concentration for long periods of time?

Constantly feeling mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

Do you find it hard to keep attendees focused and engaged?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated at the end as you haven’t achieved the outcome and know this will mean ANOTHER meeting?

You are not alone.

Through talking to our clients we know that zoom has been vital to keeping connection but has become a default for communication which is detrimental to productivity.

We want to help you eliminate zoom meetings and move to a smarter way a synchronous approach to meetings, avoiding burnout and increasing productive time in the day

If this sounds good, book a one hour zoom call with us that will save you many hours on zoom meetings in the future

Note: After the payment, you will immediately be able to book a time.

What you will get from the 1 hour call:

– FIVE actionable tactics to implement straight away
– They will be tailored to your business and your needs
– They will be specific and step by step
– Session will be recorded and shared with you