Do you see discord within your senior team?

Since the pandemic rules eased and everyone is returning to the office, working styles have fundamentally changed. Back in March 2020, when we first went into lockdown, you were full of pride to see your team pull together — making the impossible possible. However, that pride is a distant memory now, as you watch your senior team operating as individuals, defending each of their kingdoms, rather than being united behind a common purpose, like they used to be. Don’t let those small, festering fires turn into huge out-of-control blazes. Get the help you need to uncover your hybrid-working problems and implement a solid, fair and sustainable solution before it’s too late.

The good news is that you can absolutely turn this around!

Our seven-stage VIBRANT approach outlined below will bring your leadership team back together and unite them behind a common purpose. One that is focused on creating an optimal hybrid-working solution, which in turn increases productivity and business growth.

Value open and honest dialogue. Create a space for people to be able to talk freely with you, without fearing consequences, and strive to understand why they are thinking and acting in the way they are. From understanding comes insight into the problem.

Inspire and motivate. Identify the most critical hybrid-working problem and then reframe it so people are inspired to solve it. Pitch it in a way that allows people to see how solving this problem benefits themselves, not just the business.

Don’t judge or dismiss ideas – instead, think big. Always be asking, “What would need to be true to make that possible?” Shortlist 5-6 solutions and create an action plan to prototype. Include what needs to happen, who is leading it, who needs to be involved, and a timeframe.

After prototyping and trailing, we now monitor the response. This will help us identify unforeseen implementation issues and get fast feedback on which solutions work best.

Once we’ve prototyped different solutions, we will then agree on the priority of each. You may have the resources to implement only one. To ensure that this stage is smooth, you will need to have pre-agreed criteria to assess each prototype.

Invest and roll out the new hybrid-working way behind the solutions agreed upon in stage five.

Test and measure how successful each solution is. We will help you decide how you are going to measure and take a baseline reading, reviewing after the agreed period.

Bespoke packages to suit the needs of your organisation

At Vibrant Thinking, we fully understand that each organisation will have unique hybrid-working challenges that require a bespoke approach solution. Our mission is to help you achieve the best-possible outcome. That’s why we offer a bespoke solution tailored to your requirements. Your package will include all or some of the following aspects:
  • One-to-one consulting
Time for each team member to offload in a safe and judgement-free environment
  • Group workshop to extract the big, solution-focused ideas
Our unique pottery painting workshop is the fastest and most effective way to get people to look at challenges in a new and different light. Experience shows us that this workshop allows the team to create more effective solutions. 
  • Team/group consulting
Bringing the team together for group sessions allows each employee to feel heard and appreciated.
  • Either face-to-face or in-person
See effective hybrid working in action! Vibrant Thinking will facilitate a great hybrid-working solution throughout the duration of our time together.

Ready to bring your team back together with a fair and sustainable hybrid-working solution?

I’m sure you have questions about how we work and how we can tailor a consulting package to your unique organisational needs. The quickest and easiest way to see if we’re a good fit is to book a chat to discuss your options. Click the link below to book your FREE consultation now.