Top 6 Benefits of Using Creative Workshops

Are you concerned about staff morale taking a hit after recent changes to working life? If you are currently leading a team that is suffering from low energy, lack of motivation, and possible burnout, then you should consider a creative workshop. With the world being forced to discover alternative ways to work over the past year, most workplaces have realised these new ways are a positive addition. It looks like home working will be here to stay.

Creative workshops are designed and tailored for teams currently struggling with issues such as home working, hybrid working, and virtual meetings. The purpose is to encourage new ways of thinking throughout your team whilst also encouraging staff to be more innovative in problem-solving. Strong decision-making is a valuable skill for any employee to hold.

What exactly can you expect to gain from a creative workshop? Keep reading to find out. Time to shut your laptops, get together, and pick up a paintbrush! 

Encourage Productive Communication

Communication in the workplace has always been an issue, so now most of us are remote or hybrid working, many teams are struggling even more. The novelty of working from home soon wears off; at first, it can seem exciting, but it can become lonely pretty quickly! 

Creative workshops help with this by helping everybody unwind, have a bit of fun, and engage in friendly discussion with other team members. We encourage everybody to get involved and to talk about their feelings around current ways of working. It can be challenging for senior management to gauge how things are going, especially when not seeing staff face to face. Being in a relaxed environment helps encourage employees to voice their concerns, allowing management to reconsider current processes.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Workplaces are more aware than ever of the importance of work-life balance; it’s something that employers now prioritise when leading a team. Studies have found that 2 in 3 employees in the UK are searching for roles with a better work-life balance. But how do you go about implementing this? Being in a creative atmosphere can help bring a sigh of relief for staff, helping them to make connections between work and private life.  

Many employees, and managers too, often find trouble feeling their true, authentic selves at work. Taking part in a creative workshop helps close the gap between the person we are at work and the person we are at home. Employees should be encouraged to become their true self at work. It will bring a sense of motivation and productivity to their job.

Reduced Stress Levels

Everybody will experience stress throughout life, and the workplace can often be one of the most significant causes. In fact, surveys in 2020 found that a staggering 79% of us commonly experience work-related stress; this is compared to 59% in 2018, showing work-related stress is on the rise. 

Creativity is ultimately an experiment, it gives you time to put your ideas to use, and it doesn’t matter if you fail! It’s a bit of fun. A creative workshop can be a welcomed breath of fresh air from the weekly grind of working life. Activities such as pottery painting release endorphins, meaning employees will be refreshed and ready to return to work with a new sense of motivation.

Increased Staff Morale

If a meeting or team-building exercise is boring, attendees probably won’t be listening, especially If they didn’t need to be invited in the first place. Since more of us are working from home, we turn to virtual meetings, often resulting in zoom fatigue. Turn your next team workshop into something to look forward to, rather than something your staff are dreading. 

Creativity inspires employees to work together and participate in friendly discussions. The aim is to be comfortable and bounce ideas off each other that probably wouldn’t be brought up in a typical workday. In creative workshops, interactions are more likely between staff who don’t usually work together. This means new ideas and perspectives are shared, bringing positive changes to the workplace.

Strengthened Team Bonding

Creativity can be a collaborative process, meaning staff have to work together to reach the desired end goal. Group feedback and mind mapping is also encouraged. 

One of the fantastic benefits of creative workshops is that hierarchical structures are blurred. Management and employees are equal, nobody is above another, and everybody is treated equally. Employees are always looking for ways to get the most out of their employees. Team bonding is a great tool to find out how you can do this by hosting open, honest discussions.

Improved Cognitive Function

Investing time and attention into your employees via creative workshops will increase overall happiness, mood, and even mental health. Opportunities for creativity strengthen the connection between the left and right sides of the brain. So, by participating in a creative workshop, your team members are likely to receive improved cognitive function! 

Creative workshops are an investment in your staff’s mental health and also team relationships. The benefits don’t stop here; you will also see increased productivity, motivation and focus from your entire workforce.

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