Thriving Team

Are you and your team feeling zoom fatigue?

Did you thrive on the adrenaline of change back in march and enjoy figuring out how to make things work for your virtual team?

Has a certain monotony set in with the team, the fun and buzz of the team has gone?

Do you feel your team is running on low energy?

Are the limitations of coaching and mentoring starting to have an impact?

Do you feel like you never have the time to focus on fostering the team culture needed for a new way of working?

At some point in the future you promise yourself you’ll find the time and set aside a couple of days, but you never quite do.

What if you had access to a 6 week programme that provided you with bite sized, actionable step by step plans and ideas to help your team move from surviving to thriving in this new world?
Daily videos (not more than 10 minutes in length) packed with thought provoking new ways of approaching work and team performance.

Being audacious with what you try with back up to help over come challenges or change direction.
If this sounds good book in for your free 30 minute consultation with us and take the first step to move your team from surviving to thriving.

What you can expect:

  • 6 week online course
  • Step by step, bite sized chunks
  • Weekly calls to work through challenges and roadblocks
  • Email support