Team Transformation

You’ve been leading a remote and/or hybrid team for a few months.

But the wheels are starting to fall off.

Morale is at an all time low.

You feel you have no control over how the team is working

A couple of misunderstanding has caused a lot of conflict within the team.

Everyone complains to you everyday about everything.

You wake up with a sense of dread each morning about what today’s team issues will be

The team seems to be splitting apart.

Mistakes are being made, things are taking longer to get done and you can’t quite pinpoint where the exact issue is.

Moving back to the office (which would fix a lot of the issues) is not an option any time soon (or even ever).

Your team keep looking to you for immediate perfect fixes that you just don’t have.

You are permanently exhausted and every day feels like ground hog day.

You feel very alone.

No one seems to have any concrete help for you.

You can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel……yet.

The thing is that this new way of working has happened so fast and is so new that nobody has all the answers.

There is also no one size fits all solution because hybrid teams, by their very nature, are unique in their set up and therefore their challenges.

So you shouldn’t worry about not having all the answers right now – what you do have is the commitment to go find them.

And by doing that you will be taking back control.

Vibrant Thinking can help you plot a route through the chaos and identify the areas that need the most need intervention so that:

Your team becomes one again, working together towards the same goals

When miscommunications and misunderstandings occur they are easily resolved and don’t cause long term disruption to the team

Everyone is open to trying (and suggesting) new ways of working that better fits the new structure and understand it may not be perfect immediately.

Morale and energy is high

Your team is looked to as a best in class example within the company
You can focus your energy on building the business and the organisation proactively not firefighting.

If this sounds good book in for your free 30 minute consultation with us and take the first step to get back in the driving seat and set your hybrid team up for success.

What you can expect:


  • 1 Hour kick off strategy call
  • Productivity definition and success criteria created for your team/organisation
  • Benchmarks, baselines and success trackers customised for your hybrid team.
  • 30 minute 1:1 with each team member to understand reality from the ground up
  • In depth mapping of team members and team effectiveness with regard to hybrid working.
  • Strategy document outlining the shifts that need to be made in working styles and team organisation to achieve success criteria. This document may also include recommended interventions in the culture, dynamics and communication of the team.


  • 1 hour scoping call to agree the interventions from the strategy which are to be implemented
  • Detailed plan for each agreed area of intervention, including timelines and success criteria for each section of the plan
  • Implementation of plans
  • Bi-weekly calls to trouble shoot issues as they arise