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Watch as Lorna was invited as a speaker of Management Today where she was talking abut Hybrid Working

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Read as Lorna inspires people with her Vibrant Thinking journey. Read the full news article of the In Your Area Community News in the link below:

Lorna is in the news! Read the full news article of the Business News North East in the link below:

Lorna and Vibrant Thinking is featured in the May 2021 issue of the Northern Insight Magazine. Read the whole magazine in the link below:

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Care to listen to our founder Lorna Helps as she was guesting in this podcast episode of Allergic to Small Talk with Rochelle Groh. Catch more of Allergic to Small Talk with Rochelle Groh here in this link:

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Catch Lorna on her radio interview in BBC Radio Tees. Skip ahead on 1 hour and 16 minutes into the show as she is speaking on that time. Catch Lorna in this link of the whole radio episode:

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Save the Date as Lorna is also invited as a speaker for an event on Thursday 20th of May 2021, 12:00-12.30 with Enterprise Nation.
Below is the link of the event.


Watch our founder interviewed by Emma Jones, founder of Enterprise Nation about Hybrid Teams

Read Vibrant Thinking’s article in HR Zone on Hybrid Teams

I’m a full time working mum (with home schooling thrown in now!). I know how precious every minute of the working day is. 

Whilst working at Procter and Gamble for nearly 20 years I learnt a lot about how to minimize my time spent in meetings whilst still being effective at work and influencing discussions and decisions.

In this new virtual and hybrid world of working this skill has never been more important as zoom fatigue becomes a reality and people’s days are filled with back to back virtual meetings leaving  no time to get the actual work done.

In this 2 hour course I share the tips and tools I’ve found to be most effective.

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