How to Use The Office More Effectively in The Future

The way we use offices has changed drastically over the years. They used to always look the same. White walls, grey carpets, uniform desks, sound familiar? Our surroundings have a significant impact on our mood, and ultimately our work performance. A dull, dreary, unimaginative office will have adverse effects on your team. 

The way we work has also changed and is expected to keep doing so. Workplaces are emphasising the importance of a work-life balance. Studies show that hybrid work improves productivity. A happy employee creates a more productive employee! 

There are many physical changes we can make to an office to make the space more comfortable, but to create a truly happy and productive workforce, we also need to think about the company’s culture. Want to find out how to use your office more effectively in the future? Read on to find out.

Concentrate On Communication

Making sure your employees feel appreciated and listened to is crucial to a happy, productive office. Concentrate on communication and let your employees give their opinions on how your company should do things. Your team should have regular mind-mapping sessions to get ideas together. Everybody’s opinion should be listened to and considered. 

Rethink Your Design

Offices should be a perfect blend of comfort and style. An aesthetically pleasing office will have tremendous effects on your team, but it is also a great first impression to clients. Your office shows off your company culture and brand.

Make sure to offer communal areas with comfortable furniture. You should encourage your team to have breaks when needed and eat their lunch away from their desk. Communal areas encourage staff to work more creatively and help to build positive relationships.

Offer Flexible Working Schemes

Hybrid working has become really popular, especially since the pandemic. Working from home can save hours on commute time and allows for a better work-life balance. Don’t know where to start with hybrid working? Check out our Kickstarter Hour for guidance. 

Flexible working hours allow your staff to work around personal commitments, such as appointments or childcare. This way of working builds trust between yourself and your employee; trust is crucial to a happy work environment.

Go Paper Free

Cluttered desks and offices can be distracting and inefficient. Time can be wasted searching for a specific document that’s lost amongst piles of paperwork. Usually, documents don’t need to be printed and can be stored on your computer. Only print documents out if there is no other option, such as being physically signed. Printing unnecessary documents is also bad for the environment, so do your bit, and keep your files digital!

Allow Workspace Personalisation

Your employees spend a large chunk of their time at work, so it only makes sense to give them some creativity and allow desks and workstations to be personalised! Family photos, plants, lamps and stationery, let your team create their own space. Your employees will be more likely to enjoy time spent at work, which should show their productivity!

Allocate Time for Fun Activities

Allowing your team to have time for a bit of fun increases staff morale and reduces stress. A good idea could be to allocate a specific time of the week to work on personal projects/hobbies. Your staff will truly appreciate this, and it will allow them a well-deserved break from daily tasks, which can get repetitive. 

How about ordering lunch for your office once a week? Treat them to some pizza and encourage everybody to eat together. You could even invest in a games table and hold weekly tournaments. You may think it could act as a distraction, but many workplaces have taken measures like this and found it increases morale in the office and has positive effects.

Ultimately, the mood of an office can be seriously impacted by the way it is designed. Alongside this, the flexibility staff are offered can have a significant effect on their workload and productivity. 

If you would like some further advice on how best to run your office, take a look at our creative workshops for guidance on how to boost productivity and work satisfaction. 

Contact us today for further information. Our mission? To use creativity for a high-performance work environment and culture.