Is the friction of hybrid working affecting your workforce productivity?

You’ve embraced hybrid working for your organisation because you know times have changed, and the outdated five-days-in-the-office model is no longer an option. However, the transition isn’t proving as straightforward as you imagined! You didn’t realise there would be so many different working styles, and now everyone is confused. This confusion is affecting productivity, and you’re getting seriously worried that these small problem fires could get out of hand.

If you’re going to move forward, you need clarity about which is the best hybrid-working style for your business

During the 60-minute Game Plan Session with Lorna, we will identify the best hybrid-working structure for your organisation while ensuring that it:

  • Aligns with your long-term business goals 
  • Combats possible obstacles
  • And evolves with your business

How do we reach Game Plan success? (£249)

Step One

Through active listening and asking the right questions, Lorna will gain a comprehensive understanding of your company, where you are at now and where you want to be.

Step Two

Lorna will then use her extensive corporate, business and personal hybrid-solution experience to identify the most effective hybrid-working style for your team and goals.

Step Three

The outcome is a clear action plan for you to implement with your team. Plus, advice on how to communicate the plan to your team while keeping them engaged and excited to carry out the changes necessary for success.

Why choose Vibrant Thinking

  • I’ll listen without judgement, so you can talk freely and get things off your chest. 
  • Your plan is completely bespoke to your organisation.


Setting your team up for hybrid-working success when you fully understand which hybrid-working style suits your organisation and have a clear action plan to get you there. This Game Plan Session is perfect for you if you want to build a thriving team that enjoys the flexibility of working from home and the office, and you just need a little support getting there. Don’t continue to struggle alone; book your Game Plan Session now.