Find answers to your most frequently asked questions


What does successful hybrid working look like?

Successful hybrid working is unbiased and sustainable. For us, this means sticking to ‘rules’, whatever rules you choose. For example, if you decide that everyone has to be in the office for a team meeting on Monday, stick to it. If you decide that employees are allowed to choose whether to be in the office on Monday, stick to it. Listen to your workforce and create boundaries to help them thrive.

What happens if some of my employees don’t like the new way of doing things?

Vibrant Thinking will help you determine the right hybrid-working solutions for your organisation and your employees. However, it’s inevitable that some people will not like the new way of doing things. You might lose some staff. But by building a thriving team, you will attract better-quality employees in the long term.

What’s the difference between the game plan and the transformation package?

The game plan session is a 60-min consulting session designed to uncover the most suitable hybrid-working style for your organisation and give you a plan to implement that style within your team. 

The transformation package is the full hand-holding option and includes a considerable number of consulting sessions (both one-to-one and in a group setting). Choose this package if you want to be fully supported as you transition to optimum hybrid working, and therefore optimum company performance.

If I don’t solve my hybrid-working problems, what might happen?

Sadly, in most cases, small, festering problems only get worse. If you’re seeing discord between your senior team members now, it’s likely to get much worse without proper intervention. Book an intro call with Lorna now.

How do you navigate difficult conversations?

Through her corporate team building and business consultancy experience, Lorna is very familiar with navigating difficult conversations to get the best from people. We can assure you that Lorna will facilitate a judgement-free environment to hold those difficult conversations that have been brewing for some time!

Why pottery painting?

Part of the transformation package includes short, powerful team-building sessions that  provide a creative space to help people uncover problems and come up with new solutions. Pottery painting is a unique technique that allows the brain to function very differently from the usual working brain, helping employees uncover incredibly valuable ideas whilst having fun. If you would like to find out more about how this works, book an intro call with Lorna now.

How much does the transformation package cost?

Because this package is completely bespoke to your requirements, you will receive a personalised quote. If you’re interested in this package, booking a FREE consultation will help Lorna create the right package to suit your requirements.