What does hybrid work mean?

In its simplest form, hybrid working is when an individual has the choice of where to work on any day where they know they are going to be most productive. This could be in the office, at home, or it could be in a co-working space. There needs to be the processes, systems and rhythm in the organisation to support this. Our opinion at Vibrant thinking is that ultimately this is what hybrid working is, although we recognise businesses may not get there immediately.

Managing hybrid teams means considering both your workforce that are physically in the office, and any that are remote with the same level of attention, and flexible Zoom meetings to keep morale high.

When will remote working end?

Remote working has proven endlessly valuable since businesses have still been able to operate while their entire workforce is at home. Since so many employees have enjoyed the flexibility and the comfort of remote work, it’s likely that it will continue to be an option in digital industries. Remote work likely will not end! Hybrid working ensures a happy balance between fully remote work and a complete office role and gives team members the chance to socialise and build relationships.

Why Is Team Building Important?

There are multiple reasons team building is important. Healthy relationships between your employees mean a happier workplace, higher productivity levels and a more attractive place to work. At Vibrant Thinking, we help you invest into your team with creative workshops, designed to improve the dynamics between your workforce. With our help, you’ll cultivate a new environment where your hybrid team can discover new innovative ways of working.

Are Work Meetings Necessary?

While it may seem as though meetings are necessary for any business, when you’re managing a hybrid team, there are a multitude of ways a team can communicate, without the need for lots of meetings! At Vibrant Thinking, we’ll work with you to establish a communication plan that reduces Zoom meetings, and increases productivity.