Creative Workshops For Team Building

Are you leading a team that has been pushed to its limits, with employees that are on the edge of burnout? Do you feel worried about morale taking a nosedive, with low energy due to the ongoing effects of hybrid work from home and endless virtual meetings? Are mistakes being made, while tasks are taking longer to get done but you can’t quite pinpoint the issue?

Do you want to:

  • Help your team identify challenges and solutions in improving team dynamics, morale & productivity?
  • Find innovative new ways of working?
  • Understand what hybrid working as a team could look like?


If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘yes’, then Vibrant Thinking is ready to help.

The Structure Of Creative Workshops

Our 2-hour creative workshops are designed to encourage new ways of thinking in your team, while encouraging them to be more innovative with their approach to problem-solving.

Your investment will start at £997.00 for a maximum of 12 participants, and our creative workshops can be delivered both virtually and physically. 

My approach to solution-focused team building exercises combines the experience from a 17-year career at Procter & Gamble. At the end of any session, your team will have clear and concrete action steps to keep moving forward.

Team Building and Creative Workshops

I always aim to unlock creativity and innovative thinking within your team from the get-go. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of work more radically than any other event in our lifetime, (according to the Adecco study), it really has never been more critical to embrace change and invest in creative workshops to ensure your team thrives no matter what the future looks like.

Vibrant Thinking is almost guaranteed to have worked with organisations just like yours, including Global Media, Newcastle University and Geon Training.

Here’s what one had to say: “Lorna is easy to work with. She understands the demands of business today and ensures that the workshop is focused on solutions to the challenges. Great workshop, different and engaging.”

Kim Miljus – Global Media North East

What You’ll Get From Creative Workshops

After your payment, you will be immediately able to book a time. You can expect a solution-focused, engaging, energising and fun creative workshop that is dedicated to unlocking creative and innovative thinking. 

A new environment gives a level playing field for contribution, so even the most reserved of your team members can enjoy the exercises. Even one session from Vibrant Thinking will leave you with actionable solutions to aid your hybrid work from home.

The Health Benefits Of Creativity

Investing in the creativity of your employees will increase their overall happiness, their mood and the state of their mental health. Regular opportunities for creativity strengthen the connectivity between the left and the right side of the brain, so your team members will actually receive improved cognitive function! Not only are our creative workshops beneficial as an investment in relationships between your employees, but you should actually see increased productivity and focus from your workforce professionally too.

Contact us at Vibrant Thinking if you’re ready to start seeing improved focus, high innovation and increased creativity from your employees. Our creative workshops filled with team building exercises will strengthen the relationships between your team, and teach you how to encourage creativity in everyday tasks.

Note: After the payment, you will immediately be able to book a time.