Imagine leading a team that leaps out of bed each morning excited to embrace all challenges thrown at them…

It’s absolutely possible to have a thriving workforce that’s invested in your company and excited to work for you. However, for this to happen, you must create a working environment that’s flexible and unbiased. A solid hybrid-working plan that works for everyone is the key.

The assumption that you have to be in the office from nine to five, five days a week, is at the root of many company well-being challenges

We’ve needed better hybrid-working solutions for a long time — since well before the 2020 pandemic. The pandemic was the catalyst that made us realise how important it was to get things right, but we’ve understandably seen some challenges. To make things work, we have to fundamentally change the WAY in which we work, and challenge the assumptions about HOW we work. Hybrid working is absolutely the future, but the transition will not be as straightforward as the media would have you believe. If you’re interested in having a conversation about this, book an intro call with Lorna now.


CEO and Founder of Vibrant Thinking

“Hybrid working is not just a buzzword or a knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic for me. This way of working has been integral to my life for well over a decade and I am passionate about the opportunities and benefits it brings.


Prior to Vibrant Thinking, I worked at Procter & Gamble for 17 years. Though the term “hybrid working” hadn’t been coined yet, it already existed in many corporations, like P&G, for different roles. The world just hadn’t had to do it on such a big scale before. But it was second nature to me. My teams were based across the UK and in Geneva, they travelled frequently, and we never knew who would be in the office on any given day.


So, I understand the challenges of what we now call hybrid working.


I know what it’s like to face that default but mistaken – and, in my case, unrealistic – expectation that “all being in the office together” is the only way to work.


Critical to my role was building relationships, establishing effective communications, and generating business success – all while team members’ locations fluctuated. To achieve this, I developed a variety of strategies which are now even more relevant for businesses than ever.


Through Vibrant Thinking, I get to help businesses seize the opportunities that hybrid working offers for taking a new approach to ensuring employees are working in ways that are best for them, and best for the business. When your employees are thriving, your business will thrive, too.

The world of work is at a turning point, and it’s knowing that I can make a huge difference to the businesses, managers, teams, and employees I work with that drives me every day.”

Lorna Helps

You’re not the only ones that are struggling

Time and time again, here at Vibrant Thinking, we’re hearing the same stories from senior managers and managing directors who are seeing a discord in their hybrid-working team. This inevitable modern-day problem won’t go away if you ignore it. Issues of fairness and flexibility will keep cropping up if you don’t nip them in the bud now. If you want to build a thriving team, boost workforce productivity and get ahead of your competitors, book an intro call with Lorna today.

Meet The Team

“As one of Vibrant Thinking’s Digital Marketing Managers, I help Lorna to achieve our mission and vision for our clients. Before working with Lorna, I worked in an environment that valued ‘time at the desk’ more than achieved outcomes. The stress of timing my breaks, making sure I ‘appeared’ productive, and not being valued for what I actually achieved was a demoralising experience.

The change to being part of a business that values outcomes more than time sitting at a desk has been empowering. Having experienced this shift, I know the impact it can create for all our clients, which motivates me to keep doing my best.”

“Before working with Lorna as one of Vibrant Thinking’s Digital Marketing Managers, I worked for various companies as an online freelancer. I missed the sense of being part of a team and my workday could be lonely. My contributions never felt part of a bigger picture of collaboration towards success. This changed when I joined Vibrant Thinking. At the heart of Vibrant Thinking is valuing the building of team communications and optimal ways of working within companies to bring the workforce together in the most positive and effective way. Being instrumental in pursuing this mission means a lot to me.”