Managing Remote Teams and Phased Return To Work

The landscape of work is fast evolving, and Vibrant Thinking is here to help you navigate the routes of hybrid office working. 

We walk you through making shifts in the culture of your team to ensure that technology works with you, and not against you. When you’re constantly back and forth on Zoom calls between your hybrid workers, you want to be certain that you’re equipped to make the most of your time. You’re guaranteed to receive actionable points to help your hybrid workers after one session with Vibrant Thinking.

Help With Hybrid Working

Developing a roadmap back to work alongside our team at Vibrant Thinking guarantees that you’ll make the most of hybrid working. Our solution-focused team-building exercises and creative workshops can help to bridge the gap between your remote workers and your office workers, and allow your employees to interact without the stress of work.

Drastically Reduce Zoom Meetings

We’re fully prepared to coach you through the landscape of digital, hybrid work from home, with templates including one designed to help you cut your Zoom meetings in half. Vibrant Thinking will equip you with tips on how to clarify the objectives of your meeting to attendees, how to encourage engagement and how to reduce unnecessary discussions during your calls. Effective online briefs can be key to maintaining productivity while your hybrid team works from home, so our Zoom fatigue hour is well worth an investment.

Creative Workshops For Team Building

In the days of hybrid work from home and a distanced workforce, team building is vitally important to invest in your employees and business. Vibrant Thinking offers solution-focused creative workshops, delivered both virtually and physically, to encourage an innovative and creative approach to problem solving from your employees. Observe how the personalities in your workforce collaborate together, and walk away with a set of steps to action for team growth after your session.

The Ultimate Template To Cut The Length Of Your Zoom Meetings In Half

7 Ways To Take Back Control Of Your Diary And Reduce Your Number Of Meetings By 50%

Team Roadmap

Download our FREE roadmap to set your hybrid team up for success.

Zoom Fatigue Hour

Eliminating zoom calls
Done-for-you strategy & training

Hybrid Working Transformation Programme

Moving to a hybrid team work set up
Done-for-you strategy, implementation & training

Creative Workshops

Creative workshops ranging from fun team building virtual sessions to boost morale to an inventive workshop to help your team think differently and overcome challenges you face.