Helping companies navigate hybrid working

See measurable improvements in your workforce when you take the time to listen to your employees and build a sustainable hybrid workforce.

Is your hybrid-working solution not quite going to plan?

You thought hybrid working would be a reasonably straightforward transition, but giving people greater flexibility has only led to feelings of frustration for all concerned.
People aren’t following instructions like you thought they would. There’s confusion, and situations you hadn’t considered before have now bubbled to the surface.
How many days should everyone be in the office? How much video conferencing is really necessary? What about childcare? To make hybrid working unbiased and sustainable, we must uncover these issues and tackle them head-on.
You can’t ignore these tiny-dragon problems. If you do, they will grow into huge beasts that will destroy everything!
Learn more about Vibrant Thinking’s mission to help small to medium-sized businesses crack hybrid working for good.

Game Plan Power Hour

Leave this one-hour session with a clear understanding of which hybrid-working style will suit your organisation best and a concrete plan to get your team on board. If you know you want to make hybrid working work but feel frustrated with the transition, this power hour will be a game changer! 

Full Hybrid Transformation Package

Want more hand-holding? Our top-tier package is for companies that want to navigate the twists and turns of hybrid working with some solid expert guidance and an empathetic ear. Reach the highest level of hybrid-working success when you choose Vibrant Thinking consultancy to uncover and help you implement the best creative solutions for your organisation.

Why should you choose Vibrant Thinking to help you build a sustainable hybrid workforce?

Vibrant Thinking’s founder, Lorna Helps, is an experienced consultant, passionate about helping you build a thriving team. Working remotely as a media manager for Procter & Gamble for many years, Lorna experienced first-hand the benefits and pitfalls of hybrid working within corporate companies. She’s now on a mission to support small to medium-sized businesses in avoiding these common pitfalls and to help their workforce thrive.